Our approach is artisanal and made to order, each terrarium is designed and made by hand from scratch, each landscape carefully and expertly planted.

We love the country we live in, the people we work with and the plants we encounter. Everything in our terrariums from the glass, plants, solder, and moss are locally sourced and made with passion.  

We’ve seen mass-produced work similar to ours in some local retailers, but the reality is all of our complex shapes like the Pentakis and Briolette is not something a machine can make, this is what makes Anea unique.

All our plants are purchased from local suppliers, as we strongly believe in supporting local business. South Africa has an amazing variety of plant life and landscapes and art Anea we choose to source and plant as responsibly as possible. Our goal is to showcase the wonder of South African plant life and educate our customers.

We try our best to ensure our products are eco-friendly. All materials used to make our terrariums and homeware are made from naturally forming elements, like glass and lead, that can decompose and biodegrade. We are in the process of testing organic waste as a replacement for the polystyrene chips we currently use to package our items for shipping.

Meet the team that put the terrariums together:

  • Denny Mo (Founder/Owner & Designer)
  • Lutho Hara (Plant Maintenance)
  • Nicholas Phokwana (Glass Maker)
  • Terry Brown (Glass Maker)
  • Raymond Forlee (Glass Maker)
  • Greg Karvells (Operations)

We have never and will never use machines to cut our glass, and no part of any of our product is imported. Our aim is to ensure jobs in a country where job creation matters more than efficiency.