“Anea’s signature slow luxury aesthetic is grounded in ancient artisan techniques and uncomplicated styling”

I am a nature fanatic! So big is my love for nature, that I have devised a way to contain it to bring the outdoors in. My journey began with a careful study of our macro-environment. We then adapted what I learned into smaller, more contained environments, otherwise known as terrariums. 

My goal is to revolutionize the art of glass and terrarium making. I get it, terrariums aren’t a new invention. However, I want to take this art to a new level, introducing never before seen shapes and landscapes and discovering ways in which these environments can exist healthily without any human intervention.  


That’s the key to what makes Anea different.


Denny Mo

Founder & Designer



Previously known as Angles & Earth has evolved into Anea.

Anea has been in business for 8 years slowly perfecting the art of the terrarium. After years of success and growth, we felt it was time for us to evolve to diversify the company producing a wider range of stained glass art over and above terrariums including decor, office furniture as well as reviving the ancient art of stained glass. We also felt it was time to change our name Angles and earth’s name was just too long and needed an update. So our new name Anea was born, growing out of the old name, Angles & Earth. Shorter and simpler. The team hasn’t changed but is growing and exciting new projects are on the horizon. 

We love the country we live in, the people we work with and the plants we encounter. Everything in our terrariums from the glass, plants, solder, and moss are locally sourced and made with passion.  

We’ve seen local and international stores stock mass-produced work similar to ours, but the reality is, all of our complex shapes like the Pentakis and Briolette is just not something a machine can make.

Our approach is artisanal and made to order, each terrarium is designed and made by hand from scratch, each landscape carefully and expertly planted.



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