How to water my desert terrarium?

Desert terrarium should be water once a week and ensure there is a dry period of 3 days before next watering. Water lightly, do not drown the terrarium.

How to water my woodland terrarium?

Keep the self-watering base half full and spray the moss once a day as they prefer more water. Clean out the base once a week to prevent limestone from sticking to the glass.

How to water my wallscape terrarium?

Desert landscape should be water very lightly since there is no drainage, excess water will not escape. Air plant landscape is best watered by removing the air plant and spraying the plant every second or third day.

Can I use tap water?

Tap water is fine but not the best for plants as they contain chlorine and many chemicals that eventually end up clogging the pores of the roots. Here is the best water to use for terrariums, listed from best to worst: Rain Water, Spring Water, Mineral Water, overnight tap water, Borehole water.

Can I plant any plant into my terrarium?

Yes, as long as you are using the correct base. Desert terrariums required a drainage base and plants that require more humidity should use a self-watering base.

Do all Bonsai work in a terrarium?

No, not all. Many species are sensitive to light and external temperature fluctuations. These elements bring life to the plant. Since terrariums are built to be indoors, you are removing these parameters and the plants may spiral downhill. We use Wild Olive & Myrtle species as they are tough and can handle indoor environments better than most.

Where do I place my terrarium?

Close to windows where there is ample light and morning sun is a good rule of thumb. The plants inside do play a large part and depict how much sun they should receive. Do not place the terrarium in an area with no sunlight at all.

Should I give my terrarium plant food?

We plant all our terrarium with plant food already so any more will result in soil that is too rich for the plant. The only time plant food is required is during a replant. Desert and water terrariums require no plant food at all.

My plant is outgrowing my terrarium, what should I do?

If the plant has a stem, cut it off the part that is touching the glass. Leaves do not like to be touching anything. If it’s a bulb-like plant you will need to remove the plant and replace it with a smaller plant. We sell many terrarium trained plants in our store.

My moss is dying, what am I doing wrong?

Moss is the hardest plant to keep alive because they are so sensitive so don’t blame yourself. We replace our moss once every 3 months to keep them fresh. Moss going brown is a good indication of low air movement in the area it’s in. Move the terrarium where there is a bit of wind and you should notice a difference.

There is a white substance forming in the base of my terrarium?

If you own a self-watering base terrarium, it’s limestone. Limestone always gathers at the bottom of the base. Over time limestone will bond to the glass. It is advised that you clean your base out once a month and scrub it down to prevent build-up.

My copper terrarium isn’t as shiny as it was?

Copper reacts to oxygen and oxidizes over time. They lose their shine and go brown. You can apply some Brasso and wipe it down and bring the copper back to life. Brasso can be found in most supermarkets. Remember not to get any chemicals in the terrarium.

My plant has died, what do I do?

Don’t be defeated by this. You have the experience, the glass, and the knowledge. All you need is some new plants and start again. Know where you made your mistakes and start again. It’s the cycle of life.