We’ve all tried growing our own herb in a corner in our garden somewhere. A fun project for the first few weeks and then we lose steam or the herbs die. The trick is that herbs are very sensitive plants and are normally grown in greenhouses where they are protected from harsh elements.

To overcome this challenge for you and to make herb gardens easy for anyone to grow and maintain, we developed our version of a miniature greenhouse. One that waters itself as long as it has access to regular sunlight and we designed it to fit neatly on your windowsill.

Denny Mo our designer and founder went all out and made it modular so you can have a library of living herbs at your fingertips. Our self-watering base means as long as there is water in the base and the unit has sunlight the herbs will never go dry. It’s a design that you can taste.

We’ve tested this garden for 6 months and have had amazing feedback from our herb crazy customers, time for you to try one… or three?